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Zita Patai

BA DPhil

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Zita is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Brain & Cognition Lab, and also affiliated to the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity (OHBA). She is working with OxDare (link) on developing sensitive cognitive tests to track cognitive decline in ageing. This work is funded by the NIHR. 

Zita’s current research is aimed at developing a set of cognitive tests that are sensitive to individual variability and will shed light on the process of cognitive decline in healthy ageing. Ultimately the goal is to develop  accessible applications for monitoring changes in cognitive function, as well as developing enjoyable cognitive training interventions to enhance cognitive health and delay cognitive impairments.

Zita completed her DPhil Thesis entitled: ‘How Memories Shape Perception in the Human Brain’ in 2012 at the B&C Lab under the supervision of Kia Nobre. Before rejoining the lab, she worked at the UCL Institute of Child Health as a postdoctoral fellow on a project exploring hippocampal damage and memory impairment in infants with heart disease.
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