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Sammi Chekroud

Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant at the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity, a part of the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging, under the supervision of Prof. Kia Nobre. I am funded by a Wellcome Senior Investigator Award, to work on the 'Pre-Membering' project.

As a Research Assistant in the Brain and Cognition Lab on the 'Pre-membering' project, I am investigating the neural mechanisms underpinning how we select and prioritise information in the world around us and in our memories. This function is critical for understanding how humans are able to behave flexibly in an environment which changes dynamically. My core interest is the question of how we prioritise and retrieve information that is currently held in memory in order to guide such dynamic behaviour, and how this is reflected in ongoing brain activity. To look at these questions, I use behavioural methods, eye-tracking, EEG and (more recently) simultaneous EEG-fMRI.

Prior to my current role, I completed my undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology at New College, Oxford, graduating in 2015.

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