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Robert Westphal

Career Development Fellow

Research interests 

My current research goal is to identify translational cross-species imaging biomarkers that can be used as an objective measurement to monitor disease progression or assess drug efficacy in animals and humans. As part of the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre I am responsible for establishing a pre-clinical imaging programme in collaboration with the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology. This includes the development of MRI, fMRI and molecular imaging protocols to study the progressive neurodegeneration in novel transgenic models of Parkinson's disease.


I studied Molecular Life Sciences at the Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin, and did my PhD in Neuroimaging at King's Collge London. My PhD work was centered on the application of multimodal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to an experimental model of Parkinson’s using structural MRI, diffusion-weighted imaging and resting-state functional MRI combined with sophisticated image analysis including voxel-based morphometry and graph theoretical network analysis.

Recent publications

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