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Robert Becker


Postdoctoral Researcher

Robert is a postdoc in the OHBA analysis group headed by Mark Woolrich.

He is interested in how spontaneous activity is linked to task-related activity, for example, how brain oscillations as measured by EEG or MEG contribute to shaping brain responses during processing of sensory input or under cognitive load. Robert has used modelling, EEG, MEG, and combined EEG-fMRI to tackle these questions.

After Robert obtained a degree in Cognitive Science in Osnabrueck, he went on to study neuroscience at Charite Berlin, where he worked on methodological issued of concurrent EEG-fMRI, for example real-time monitoring of EEG activity in the MR scanner. During his PhD he used combined EEG-fMRI to examine the underlying neuronal sources of single-trial variability during visual and somatosensory stimulation.

Having obtained a Marie-Curie cofund fellowship he worked then as a Postdoc in Geneva in the lab of Christoph Michel and later in the group of Andreas Kleinschmidt, being continuously interested in the functional significance of ongoing activity.

His current project in Oxford aims to utilize novel Hidden Markov Model approaches to better understand across- and within-subject response variability during a number of different stimulation paradigms.