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Malcolm Proudfoot


DPhil Student


Malcolm is a clinical research fellow with a background in neurology.  He is supervised by Martin Turner at the Oxford Motor Neuron Disease Centre and co-supervised by Kia Nobre at OHBA.

Malcolm is interested in how differences in the functional architecture of the brain might reflect, explain or even cause motor neuron disease.  This devastating and incurable neurodegenerative condition seems to occur as a result of genetic and/or unknown environmental influences but varies considerably in its time-course and clinical features.   This variability complicates existing animal disease models hence the ongoing relevance of in vivo human studies. 

He hopes to use MEG to describe the earliest changes in the brain’s function by studying and comparing newly diagnosed MND patients of various subtypes, including those with identified genetic causes.  In conjunction with MR spectroscopy, particularly of GABA, the aim is to then assess the impact of pharmacological agents, building on the existing models of disease progression described by Dr Turner’s BioMOx longitudinal study.

Malcolm grew up in Oxford but chose Cambridge for undergraduate study and went on to learn clinical medicine at UCL.  After a brief period studying autism at Cambridge and then ERPs as a research assistant with Dorothy Bishop, he continued clinical training as a junior doctor in the west of England, most recently in neurology at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol.  He aims to combine his future practice as a neurologist with clinical research to cure MND. 

Malcolm is funded by a scholarship from the Guarantors of Brain and the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre.

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