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Ludovica Griffanti

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


My current research focuses on MRI data collection, organisation and analysis of two clinical cohorts currently being recruited in the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre (OPDC) and the Stroke Prevention Research Unit (SPRU, OxVasc study).

The OPDC aims to identify early changes in Parkinson’s disease patients before physical symptoms become apparent. The detection of the pre-symptomatic phase using biomarkers, including imaging markers, will allow for early diagnosis of the disease and early intervention through the use of potential neuroprotective therapies.
The SPRU aims to improve prevention of stroke and dementia in older age groups by earlier diagnosis, more reliable prognostication, and more effective use of existing preventive treatments.

I am particularly interested in structural and functional MRI. 

Regarding structural MRI, I am currently involved in the development of methodological approaches for automated lesions segmentation and the assessment of the relationship between white matter hyperintensities, cardiovascular risk factors and cognition.

Regarding functional MRI I work on resting state functional connectivity and the development of methodological approaches for artefact removal and the evaluation of rfMRI as potential clinical biomarker through reproducibility assessments of MRI-derived measures.

I am involved in post-graduate teaching and supervision, and the development and support of the FSL image analysis software package.

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