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Ana Todorović

BSc, MSc, PhD

Post-Doctoral researcher

Ana is a post-doctoral researcher at the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity and the Brain & Cognition Lab, where she is supervised by Kia Nobre. 

Ana is interested in the interplay between stimulus likelihood and endogenous attention in early sensory processing. She uses MEG to gain an insight into the oscillatory processes underlying top-down modulations of perception. 

Ana completed her undergraduate studies of psychology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, where she was born. There she also completed a master's degree in psychology of individual differences, and then decided to instead turn towards human universals. She completed a master's focusing on cognitive psychology and research methods at the University of Amsterdam, after which she moved on to do a PhD in cognitive neuroscience with Floris de Lange at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Her doctoral thesis was titled 'Predictive adaptation in early auditory processing'.