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Alex Irvine


Research Assistant

Cognitive Neuroscience - supporting work in the Brain and Cognition Lab.

Alex is a Research Assistant currently working on, and supporting, several projects with the Brain and Cognition Lab. This work is primarily focusing on how time and memory interplay with attention to influence our perceptual experience. These projects involve the use of behavioural testing, eye tracking, pupillometry, EEG and MEG, to investigate the research questions. He is jointly based in the Oxford center for Human Brain Activity and the Department of Experimental Psychology.

Before begining this post Alex was a Research Assistant with John Duncan and Sam Wass at the MRC Cognition and Brain Science Unit in Cambridge; he coordinated and ran a pilot project investigating abstract intelligence and goal maintenance in young children. Prior to this he recieved his undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2015 from the University of Aberdeen, during this time he was a Research Assistant for the Aberdeen Face Lab (presently: York Face Var Lab ), a Research Assistant for the Aberdeen Eye Movement and Attention Lab. Alex also worked as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist, specialising in the treatment and diagnoses of children and adolescents.

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