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We are committed to public engagement. Our team regularly contribute science commentary to mainstream media, host open-day meetings with members of the public and contribute to science policy.


Research at OHBA has been featured on a number of science television programmes. Kia Nobre (Scientific Director, OHBA) has appeared on BB1 (Bang Goes the Theory; Series 5; Episode 4; 2011) and BBC2 (Horizon's 'Out of Control?' Episode 10, 2012), Redes and FreedomLab. 


Researchers at OHBA contribute scientific advice to science reporters from major newspapers and periodicals. We also contribute our own articles on issues of public and political interest, including how science is represented in mainstream media and the looming crisis in global helium supplies. Members of the research team also contribute to policy-making through contributions to the quarterly journal of Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, Science in Parliament.


On-line media is the future of public engagement. OHBA maintains a high-profile presence on-line through a neuroscience blog (e.g., The Brain Box) and on twitter (@OHBA_Oxford).


A video of the Cognitive Health in Ageing research can be found on YouTube.  

Kia brainstorms for IBRO 2015: Watch the clip posted on NeuroChannel for IBRO 2015 with Kia talking about her research on how memories shape perception, and about doing cognitive neuroscience research in general. 

Focus Groups 

As part of the Cognitive Health in Ageing project, we have been running regular focus groups with people aged 60-90 years in order to make sure that the research we do is appropriate and accessible for this population.