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L r clare mackay clare odonoghue and sana suri at bna2017
(L-R) Clare Mackay, Clare O'Donoghue and Sana Suri at BNA2017

The Translational Neuroimaging Group, led by Professor Clare Mackay, attended the Festival of Neuroscience in Birmingham on 10th - 13th April this year. Organised by the British Neuroscience Association, this conference featured 160 UK and international speakers who presented cutting-edge topics across twelve neuroscience research themes.

Dr Sana Suri presented a talk titled 'The APOE paradox' on MRI signatures of genetic risk and resilience for Alzheimer's disease. 

Clare O'Donoghue presented her DPhil research during a poster session titled 'Individual differences in neural mechanisms of superior cognitive ageing: structure, function and cognition'.