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Announcing mrc doctoral training grant studentships in meg

The MRC (60%) and EPSRC (40%) recently awarded the UK MEG community a partnership grant of £1.3M to build clinical research capacity in Magnetoencephalography (MEG). The partnership, led by Cardiff University, includes all 8 universities with current MEG laboratories: Aston, Cambridge (MRC-CBSU), Cardiff, Glasgow, Nottingham, Oxford, University College London (UCL) and York.

The partnership aims to drive forward the field of MEG, both by increasing scientific networking amongst the partners, as well as collaborative research in methodology and clinical applications. As part of this, an MRC Doctoral Training Grant (DTG) was awarded that funds a cohort of eight PhD students to work on collaborative research programmes between two or more of the partner sites. It is anticipated that the first four students will be appointed in 2013 and the second four in 2014, but this could change depending on the quality of the students who apply in the initial round.

We are seeking excellent candidates for a range of PhD projects all of which are related to clinical applications of MEG and, potentially, its multimodal combination with other technologies.

For further details, see here; and also here