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  • Mackay and Woolrich Fully Professored

    Congratulations to OHBA associate directors Clare Mackay and Mark Woolrich for being awarded professorial titles in the latest Recognition of Distinction exercise at the University of Oxford. Clare Mackay is Professor of Imaging Neuroscience and Mark Woolrich is Professor of Computational Neuroscience. Top Brass!

  • Magnetising OHBA

    OHBA's brand new state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner arrives (wrapped in pink!) and is installed in its new home with laser sharp precision. The MRI at OHBA will complement the imaging resources at FMRIB to host translational and clinical research into psychiatric and neurological disorders. We are suitably galvanised and raring to research!

  • OHBA Unveiled

    The OHBA contingent was quite surprised when the building was unwrapped last week to show it in full glorious Yellow! A happy colour to host amazing science. And now for the arrival of the MRI scanner.

  • Double dipping for Myers

    Double congratulations are due to Nick Myers. Nick successfully defended his doctoral thesis on “The Role of Cortical Oscillations in the Control and Protection of Visual Working Memory.” Soon after his viva success Nick secured a JRF position at University College in Oxford.

  • Stimulating Grant for Stagg

    Congratulations to Charlie Stagg on receiving an award from the John Fell Fund to establish a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) facility at OHBA. The funds will provide support for essential equipment and personnel. Envisaged projects involve basic and translational research involving collaborations across several Departments. A stimulating package indeed.

  • Hot off the press: WM templates go dynamic

    Nick Myers leads our new study now available online at eLife, which uses multivariate decoding methods in M/EEG to reveal dynamics in working-memory templates guiding perceptual decision making. Our findings show there is more to top-down WM biases than tonic delay activity. Do you agree?

  • OHBA to lead JSMF Collaborative Network on Oscillations

    The James S McDonnell Foundation has granted OHBA an award to lead collaborative network of five world-leading groups interested in getting to the bottom of how oscillations contribute to neuronal computation to support perception and cognition. The group leaders include Kia Nobre (OHBA), Ole Jensen (Donders), Sabine Kastner (Princeton), Bob Knight (Berkeley), and Charlie Schroeder (Columbia and NKI). Research fellows in the collaboration so far are Nick Myers (OHBA, co-applicant), Anne Martin (Princeton), and Anna Jafarpour (Berkeley). The groups will bring together their various theoretical and methodological approaches and experimentation at multiple levels of organization to derive principles about the mechanisms and functional contributions of oscillations.

  • Hot off the Press: Forgetful Attention in Older Adults

    In our new study just published in Cortex lead by Gerardo Salvato, we show that the ability to orient attention based on long-term memories is preserved in older adults despite their explicit memories being significantly impaired. This is great news for those of us worrying that our declining memories could also be affecting the very first stages of our perception. We feel the results also have interesting implications for understanding the nature of memory representations serving different purposes in the brain. We’d be interested in hearing your views.

  • Kia joins Academia Europaea

    Kia is delighted to have been made a Member of the Academia Europaea for her outstanding achievements as a researcher. The AE was established as a European Academy in 1988 to promote learning, education, and research.

  • Kia on Cambridge TV

    Kia talks to science communicator Ginny Smith at ‘the other place’ about what inspired her to become a scientist and on the nature of attention. Check out these lovely video programmes looking at Women in STEM (Kia at 4m30) and all different aspects of Consciousness (Kia at 15m30).