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Exceptional working memory capacity

Individual differences in working memory correlate with a broad range of other cognitive functions, including fluid intelligence (Fukuda et al., 2010). In this project, we are trying to discover what makes some people extraordinarily good at solving working memory tasks, and how this relates to other cognitive domains. First, we are looking for people with exceptionally high working memory capacity. Next, we will be performing brain imaging (MEG and/or fMRI) on these 'outlier’ participants to determine how they perform so far outside the normal range. This research will help us understand how different cognitive strategies are used to maximise basic working memory capacity, and these might also underpin performance in standard IQ tasks.

**NEW** We are now recruiting people with exceptional working memory abilities. Try our online experiment to see how good you are [link]. All participants will be entered into a draw for a £100 prize, plus £400 donated to a charity of your choice. People with the best working memory will also be invited to come in to the lab for further testing.

Please contact Ben Crittenden for further information.