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Exploring the brain mechanisms that help us to focus on the most important information, whilst ignoring distractions.

Attention group

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Lab retreat, 2017

Lab retreat


Lab News:

Congratulation Janina Jochim! Awarded a DPhil scholarship, Oxford University

Congratulation Dante Wasmuht! Accepted on to the Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) Summer School [link]

Congratulations Paul Muhle-Karbe! Elected to a Junior Research Fellowship, Linacre College

Congratulations Eelke Spaak! Elected to a Junior Research Fellowship, New College

Congratulations Eelke Spaak! Awarded a Post Doctoral Fellow Prize from the Cogntive Neuroscience Society

Congratulations Lev Tankelevitch! Winner of Nature Journalism Competition (read winning entry here


**hot off the press** 

Wolff, Jochim, Akyurek & Stokes (in press) Dynamic hidden states underlying working memory guided behaviour, Nature Neuroscience [link]

Myers, Stokes & Nobre (in press) Prioritizing Information during Working Memory: Beyond Sustained Internal Attention, Trends in Cognitive Science [link]

Selected publications